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Reporting a repair

Report repair here or call 0300 123 0773

You can view and download the Repairs & Maintenance policy here.

For more information on Right to Repair click here.

We also provide a Handyman Service. Please call 0300 123 0773 for further information.

You can report a repair online by filling in the form below.


Two examples of works orders:

1.    Heating - My gas heating is not working, the pilot light is not coming on / Air source heating is coming up with an error message (low pressure).

2.    My shower (Mira Sport) is not working, only cold water is coming out. It is not urgent as I have a bath at the property.

Where is the problem?*
Description of Repair required? (please include as much information as possible including quantity, manufacturer/model number etc. If applicable)*
Please tell us if you or anyone living with you has any extra needs that are relevant to this repair (for example, loss of heating for older people or families with young children) :
We may need to contact you for further information.